Welcome to Pilla’s DS Agents!

Hello dear visitor, and welcome to my small Creatures / Docking Station website.

Here you’ll find some agents which I created for Docking Station.

Overview of agents sorted by category:

  • [Tool] CAev – Cellular automata vendor
  • [Tool] Pilla’s Improved Favplaces – fit and reorder favourite places
  • [Vendor] Elevator Vendor – Vends edible elevators. Collab with Uzag
  • [Meta] OLSA – An extra spaceship for your creatures to explore

Download links and more info for all agents can be found at the bottom of the page.


Latest updates

The blog page is here.

Latest posts:


Download agents

[Tool] CAev

CAev and his bubbles

CAev, short for Cellular Automata emitter vendor, allows you to insert custom CA emitters into your world. download

[Tool] Pilla’s Improved Favplaces

Favplace overwhelmsion

This is a script that allows you to have all of your favourite place icons on screen, and it allows you to reorder any of them. download

[Vendor] Elevator Vendor

Eat elevator

This vendor vends elevators for your weird, hungry norns. This was a collab with Uzag, go check out his pretty page. download

[Meta] OLSA, the Other Lone Shee Ark

New space to explore

The Other Lone Shee Ark is a new spaceship that can now be explored by your norns. It consists of tiny rooms which can be locked off from the rest of the spaceship. download


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