[Meta] Other Lone Shee Ark

Download OLSA v0.6 here

This is a metaroom for Docking Station: the Other Lone Shee Ark.
It features a volcano, desert, jungle, ice cave and greenhouse.
Even though this is an alpha release there shouldn’t be any bugs, so if you get one please contact me on here.
If you upgrade from an earlier version, you may have to remove the earlier ols_help.catalogue files prior to injecting.

This metaroom does not work in C3 standalone.

This is the first metaroom I’ve ever developed. Any comments/critique? Please shoot 🙂


4 thoughts on “[Meta] Other Lone Shee Ark”

    1. Good question!
      I wanted a tiny ‘ship’, started sketching, decided I’d want some tiny ‘biomes’ and started throwing the background together.

      I happened to have a scrapped room project I never finished lying around which had snow and the donutplant, so I reused several scripts and sprites.

      I also wanted some Navi-styled things since I love the glowing and the colors of Pandora, hence the little cute white floaties.

      The volcano seemed logical to include if there was a snowy room, as did the desert if there would be a jungle-ish room (bottom right).

      I wanted some kind of ‘dome’ on top of the ship with a glass screen, with some trees and grass, but I can’t draw a glass dome at aaaalllll so I just ended up using the C2 greenhouse things for that part.

      …That was maybe not as inspirational as you had hoped it would be. XD


    1. CAOS tool for the caos.
      The official Creature Labs Map Editor for the metaroom mapping.
      The. Agents file was compiled with Monk from the jAgent suite, using CAOS2PRAY to compile all the cosfiles into one.
      Sprites were done in Gimp and converted to sprite format with Edos.

      Dev system is Windows 10.



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