[Tool] CAev: Cellular Automata Vendor

Download CAev the CA Emitter Vendor!

This agent injects a little dragon, CAev, which can make tiny CA emitters.

Clicking on the emitters increases the strength of the CA they’re emitting. Clicking the little green button disables the emitter altogether.

And if you grow tired of your emitters, or if you accidentally injected a wrong one (We’ve all been there…) you can shift-click on them to delete them.

Any bugs? Please report!



3 thoughts on “[Tool] CAev: Cellular Automata Vendor”

    1. Messed around a bit with Gimp, some circles here and some shading there.
      CAev itself is mostly just a comp agent with lots of buttons.
      Thank you for the reply, hope you find it useful! 😀


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