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[Code] Setting up a development environment for Docking Station

Hello all!

I will occasionally post some coding tutorials and other commented code for Docking Station here.

In this post I’ll show the development environment I’m using, and I’ll explain you how to set up your own under Windows 10.


Clicking on the steps will take you to the respective part.


Install DS standalone and set map permissions

[These steps are for Windows 10.]

Head over to and download/install Docking Station. After you’ve installed DS, you will have to set the map permissions for your install folder so you don’t get prompted for administrative access every time. My installation is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Docking Station , so for that I navigate to C:\Program Files (x86), right-click the Docking station folder, select properties and in the security/permissions tab I allow standard users to have full permissions.

While you’re at it, you can also set DS to run in 16-bit color mode. For that, go to your docking station installation directory, find the engine.exe, right-click that one and select properties. In the ‘compatibility’ tab you can tick the checkbox at “reduced color mode” and set that at 16bit.

While you’re in the installation directory, also delete the installblast.exe file so you won’t go accidentally running the updater which breaks because the servers are offline.

After that, you’ll have to download the login disabler patch here:

The login disabler patch contains a .c16 file, a spritefile which should go in your DS installation map in the /images folder, and a .cos file, a code file which should load on startup of a new world, so it should go in your /bootstrap/010 Docking Station folder.

After you installed everything, I highly suggest making a backup of this installation directory somewhere, incase you mess up horribly and want to go back to the base game without having to redownload.

You may or may not need to run as an administrator to get the map editor/CAOS tool to work. It depends. Those programs are crazy. XD

Get CAOS tool

The CAOS tool can be downloaded here:

Registration key:


You may or may not need to run CAOS tool as an administrator.

That’s it, pretty easy huh?

Get the map editor

The map editor can be downloaded here:

Registration key:


You may or may not need to run the map editor as an administrator.

Get Jagent

Download Jagent and extract it wherever you want.

Jagent has 3 .jar files in them, 2 of which I frequently use:

  • Monk: This compiles your files (.cos, .c16, .catalogue, …) into a single, beautiful .agents file you can inject from the agent injector.
  • Edos: This can open .c16 files (and you can drag/drop the sprites onto Gimp to edit them) and create .c16 files from images

Start developing!

That’s it! You’re an unstoppable developer now! 😀

I’ll post some tutorials covering simple agents later.


If you don’t want to wait for my tutorials, that’s totally okay. Some resources:

Breeders Beware

Agent tutorials on CCaves

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    1. I organize my class numbers by their last number. For example an agent like 1 1 41500 would get added to the 41500 list. For project files… I had a system at some point but it really didn’t work. Now I just dump projects into their own folder and end up loosing a few of them.

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