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[Code] How I (should) organize my files

..Yes, the ‘should’ is absolutely neccessary in that title.

When I’m working on a project, I tend to use a very specific naming scheme for my cosfiles and image files, but other than that everything of the project gets thrown into the same map, so if I want to compile the whole thing it’s a painless experience.

I always prefix my .cosfiles with the ID number they have. That way when I need to write their ID number down in the script somewhere, I can just glance at the filename. Also each .cosfile has a caos2pray chunk so if I would want to inject it as an agent I can just compile it.

Any .c16 files get prefixed with the name of the project, and suffixed with the name of the artist (except if draw them myself or if they are are grabbed/recolored from C1/C2/C3/DS).

To compile the whole project I create a new installer.cos file, create a caos2pray chunk that includes pretty much every file in that map and LINK the cosfiles into the caos2pray. Then if you want the complete agent to compile you can just drag the installer on Monk.

This is how I do it. Hope it’s somewhat helpful. 😀



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