[meta] The Betaship

TL;DR – You can download the latest version of Betaship on Github.

For this year’s CCSF, I released a metaroom.
Actually, it’s not really purely a metaroom, it’s mostly a github project.
Github? What the git?

Github is a platform for developers to collaborate on projects. (It’s also very useful for version control, every time you submit a change – commit – to github, the state gets saved and you can go back in time to any commit.)
Everyone who has a github account (it’s free. Make one. ) is able to get the current code from the repository by FORKing the code and generate their own repository, or PULLing it to their computer, then they can either use the code to compile the agent, or they could make changes, and submit those changes to the main repository by PUSHing them (provided you FORKed the repository).

That way, users can also contribute to the main metaroom: images can be changed, bugs can be fixed, extra content can be added, the possibilities are endless.

And that’s why exactly I made the Betaship. In itself, it’s a fun metaroom to have ingame, but everyone is allowed to contribute, expand, derive, do whatever they want with the code and images contained inside it.

There is a seasonal cycle and a day/night cycle. The Cellular Automata of the room are dependant of the seasons and the time of day, like the light and heat emitters in C3.

The left icy area is cold and wet, the upper middle area is a temperate climate, while the right brown area should depict a desert. (But I have no master graphic skillz so I’m not exactly sure if people realize that, so I guess I’ll also say it. XD).
The outer area is a saltwater ocean.

All graphics are… eh, “placeholders”, or rather, let’s say the graphics (and the rest of the room really) are totally open for user submissions. So go and make some pretty graphics to make this derpy room prettier! 😀

If you have any issues, bug reports, suggestions, ideas, feel free to make a github issue, poke me on Discord (Did you know I made a Discord server? ~ The Caos Coding Cave) or send me a PM on Creaturescaves.

Without further ado, let me present the Betaship!


You can download the latest stable release on Github.

You can view the whole github with its files here.

Hope you enjoy!
Please don’t hesitiate to contact me if you have issues.

Edit: Oh yay, the metaroom has been reviewed! Go check out Fuzzlet’s Betaship review!


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