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[Tool] Game Controller v2.0

Installing this agent allows you to quickly toggle between several game modes, some of which are particularly useful for developers and people who want to do wolfling runs without that pesky wolfling window.

The modes are as follows:

  • Render / do not render display
  • Fast / normal game speed
  • Autokill on/off
  • Play / pause game
  • Enable / disable creature hand holding
  • Enable / disable picking up creatures
  • Enable / disable hand visibility.

Click here to download the game speed controller v2.0


To install: put the file in your /agents folder. You do not need the catalogue except if you also downloaded the first version. If you downloaded the first version, replace the .catalogue in /catalogues with this one.

Please enjoy!
Also check out my Caos Coding Cave discord if you are interested in CAOS!



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