[Blog] A new metaroom… Maybe?

Sooooo, yeah, I feel like developing a new metaroom.

A giant metaroom with two or three or four levels and aquatic space and stuff.
I want everything in the metaroom to change with the seasons and the time of day, so it would be using a very responsive background and stuff. Resource-heavy stuff, yay!

I’ve been wanting to be able to comfortably run a population of 20 – 50 creatures in a single room that gets different resources depending on the season, encouraging creatures to explore and move around. There could be some more ‘dangerous’ rooms too, to make surviving not *too* easy.

It would be some kind of Creatures2 world, but slightly smaller and with slightly less obstacles to allow norns to walk around a bit if they don’t get elevators at all. 😛 It wouldn’t be scrolling like Creatures 2 though, because I don’t feel like hacking together some ugly code that was never meant to be executed in the DS engine. 😛

I made some small world example things, but these are by all means NOT a guide or a reference or anything, just some… eh, brainstorming?


I would be really interested in working together with a small group of people that would like to create a big world which can change with the seasons and time of day, I’d also love lots of fauna and flora that depends on heat levels, some fireplaces, etc. Something awesome. XD

… So yeah, if anyone feels like creating a giaaaant metaroom background and a million sprites… hit me up. You’ll be my hero. Forever. 😛

Okay, I really just needed an outlet for my much awesome such amaze very wow idea. I don’t expect this ever coming to completion. 😛


…So yeah, not much news here. Go read some other recent blog updates in the community instead:

There is a wonderful Alpha Run going on at the Norn Tree. Go read all about it! (C3)

The Applewood Fields world blog is also going strong! (C3)

There is a new blog around! It’s The Lift, and there’s a new world going on there. (C1)


Also, if you haven’t already filled in the CCSF 2018 survey (bad person!) you should totally read all of the reasons why you should fill it in.

5 thoughts on “[Blog] A new metaroom… Maybe?”

  1. This is such a cool metaroom concept! I’d help if I had any viable skills for a metaroom, but unfortunately I do not. Also, thanks for the mention! But I get the feeling that the world going on at The Lift might be a C1 world and not C2

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    1. Oh thank you for pointing that out! Fixed it ^^’

      Well, just brainstorm ideas about what different areas/plants/animals/whatevers could be there would be awesome already.


      1. I’ll try to draw up some concept plants and critters if you want, they’ll likely look not great because I’m still learning, but it should get the point across at the very least.

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