[Blog] Happy New Year!

I wish you a very happy new year!

May you have a great year, filled with love, warmth, health and happiness. And of course, a healthy dose of Creatures! Minus the wallbonking.

Even though sometimes it looks quiet on here, I haven’t been idle! I use to hang out on Discord a lot lately, especially at the Caos Coding Cave, having lovely chats with lovely developers. You people are amazing. You know who you are. 😀

Ahem! I don’t only chat! I usually make things too!

I’ve been making an organ exporter tool that allows you to export creatures whose organ health falls below a specified threshold. I will release it as soon as I got the last bugs ironed out. The graphics and the idea are from Mea. Go check out her website, CAOS of the Creatures Realm if you’re in need of sprites for a coding project or anything, she has tons of lovely sprites on the website that can be used for Creatures development.


The organ exporter also comes with a nifty Corpse Cleaner setting that turns your dead creatures into ghosts which scare nearby creatures. I hope this will discourage creatures from being around dangerous places where other creatures have died, staying away from creatures that have died due to bacteria, or just generally prevent that the population turns into one big stationary breeding pile where creatures remain their whole life. If something scares them they should move… right? Riiiight? There’s also a blue flame which, when clicked, brings up the Creature History of the deceased creature.

Clicking the ghosts makes them disappear.

Meanwhile, the Betaship has been improved to V2.0, I’ll try to post a blog post about this soon. I’ve been meant to write a blog post about it for at least a week now but I keep on postponing it because I keep on finding small little things I still want to improve/fix before “officially” releasing… Even though the V2.0 release is already on Github…

As pictured above, I have also started working on a fully terrestrial alternative to the Betaship in case people would want to use this metaroom without using any aquatic breeds, or just without needing any of all this bubbly water floatingness. 😛

In any case, I believe 2018 might be a great year. I hope it’ll be a great year for all of you too!

…. Oh yeah, also! If any of you use twitter: fancy using the #CreaturesCommunity tag when twittering about Creatures?


That’s all folks! Stay safe, enjoy the food and don’t play with fireworks. If you absolutely have to, please please please stay safe and mind the animals in your neighbourhood.



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