Heatlamp screenshot [Tool] The Heatlamp (6/17/2018) - Here we are again with a small release! I was lurking on the Norn Nebula when Dragoler started talking about an agent they wanted to create. I thought it was a nifty idea, so I offered to create the code. It’s the Heatlamp, an agent that allows you to set the Heat CA level of… Continue reading [Tool] The Heatlamp
(Artifically) Intelligent Choices #4 (6/8/2018) - Surely I’m not the only player that encounters this, right? Right? Riiight? Those stubborn eggs and the wonky timer on that egg layer. The grendels just want to live I guess. 😀 Enjoy this new comic. Woo! Have you encountered similar annoyances when playing C3/DS? Or some weird quirks? Put them in the comments below, maybe… Continue reading (Artifically) Intelligent Choices #4
(Artifically) Intelligent Choices #3 + bonus! (6/6/2018) - Yay, another Artifically Intelligent Choice comic! I like doodling these. Sorry for spamming you with them. Also, as a bonus today there’s also this other awesome comic below, drawn by the also very awesome Verm. I might just have been inspired for today’s comic by that one too. Maybe. Probably. 😀  
(Artifically) Intelligent Choices #2 (6/4/2018) - Yes, sometimes these adorable little creatures are quite stubborn. Oh well, most of them figure it out in the end. 😛
(Artifically) Intelligent Choices (6/1/2018) - Sometimes I feel like drawing comics. I’m not particularly good at drawing, but hey, that shouldn’t stop anyone from trying! 😀 Anyways, have a comic! I’ll try to make more than this one, but no promises. Yep I know I should be coding, sssh, taking breaks is sometimes allowed too. 😛 It’s a game, it… Continue reading (Artifically) Intelligent Choices
Metaroom survey (5/21/2018) - I made a survey about metarooms, please fill it in! It only takes 5 minutes I'll blog about the results. Everyone wins. Woo!
CCSF 2018 organization poll (5/14/2018) -   Howdy! This blog has been quiet lately, but I haven’t stopped doing stuff! Since the AlbianWarp project has reached a semi-usable state, I’ve been way too distracted with alphatesting and poking around with stuff. I occassionally code some stuff in between, but I haven’t gotten to any serious blogging yet. I have some almost-ready… Continue reading CCSF 2018 organization poll
Milk and Pearl *fanscream* AAAA I got art. ❤ (3/30/2018) - LOOK AT THIS PRETTY ART! Look at how pretty it is. Please go shower Civvi with all the spare love you’ve got! ❤ Also, I made some blarf drawings. From now on I’ll try (try!) to make some drawings every now and then. And comics. And pictures. And I’ll collect them on my art page.… Continue reading *fanscream* AAAA I got art. ❤
[code] Picking a random letter in CAOS (3/25/2018) - Malkin approached me on Discord, asking me how to pick a random letter. I’ve been using random numbers in CAOS with the RAND command for like forever, but I hadn’t found a reason yet to pick random letters. The question made me think, though. Of course, there’s the old-fashioned, boring and bulky-code-way of just picking… Continue reading [code] Picking a random letter in CAOS
Testing Room screenshot 1 [meta] Testing Room (3/25/2018) - Just skip to the bottom if you’re only here for the download. While I was lurking in the Discord channels, someone mentioned Randoms Room. I remembered having fond memories of using that room, since it was so versatile. There is a small issue though: the rooms inside the metaroom stretch from left to right and… Continue reading [meta] Testing Room