So I heard you’re interested in CAOS?

Welcome, fellow agenteer! I already like you, let’s be friends?

Below you’ll find a list of development resources. Keep in mind I specialize in DS development only. If you’re just getting started and don’t know how to start developing at all, I would recommend reading the getting started guide.

The official Gameware Development website can be reached through the Internet Archive. There’s a lot of tutorials and general info on this website.

You could get your CAOS Reference (very important when you’re coding) from your own DS installation, but I prefer to fetch it from Breeders Beware (Tools – CAOS Categorical). There are a lot of very useful other resources over there too.

When I’m not getting my lists from there, I get them from the Creatures Wiki:

Pretty much everything concerning numbers and stuff is on the Wiki.

There’s also a Script Reservations section on CreaturesCaves, where you can reserve a range of unique identifiers for your agents, so they won’t clash with other people their agents.

There’s also the Hack Shack on CreaturesCaves which covers some interesting subjects.

Whenever you’re coding something and aren’t sure how to handle it, remember you can always look in the Creatures Bootstrap folders to see how the original developers handled it. The Docking Station cosfiles are commented more in depth than the Creatures 3 ones, but you can always get the Bootstrap V2 for Creatures 3 which adds more comments to the Creatures 3 bootstrap. And if you don’t have C3 you can still check the scripts.

And now, have some tutorials I wrote:

That's all folks. 🙂