Heatlamp screenshot

[Tool] The Heatlamp

Here we are again with a small release!

I was lurking on the Norn Nebula when Dragoler started talking about an agent they wanted to create. I thought it was a nifty idea, so I offered to create the code.

Heatlamp norn terrarium image

It’s the Heatlamp, an agent that allows you to set the Heat CA level of the room the agent is currently in, while when disabled it displays the current temperature in the room. When the temperature is high enough, the heater also acts as a portable incubator, speeding up the hatching process of nearby eggs. If the temperature is set to zero, eggs will be frozen and will not hatch.

The agent also has three pretty buttons with a norn, grendel and ettin face that, when enabled, make the agent emit Home Smells for these creatures.

The graphics are lovely! Just look at those happy creatures! ūüėÄ

– Download Heatlamp here –

Testing Room screenshot 1

[meta] Testing Room

Just skip to the bottom if you’re only here for the download.

While I was lurking in the Discord channels, someone mentioned Randoms Room. I remembered having fond memories of using that room, since it was so versatile.

There is a small issue though: the rooms inside the metaroom stretch from left to right and thus cannot be “divided” into multiple parts. So if you want to keep a norn in this specific place you have to use a stopperplant or freeze the creature or… figure out something else. Changing the doors between the rooms won’t work because there aren’t any.



I started chatting with xRAINxOFxBLOODx about this issue and decided to create another “testing room” where there’s a bit more variety in room shapes.

xRAINxOFxBLOODx provided the beautiful background for this metaroom. Here it is:


Pretty, right? The room spans 4 floors, of which the upper floors are divided into 2 or 3 compartiments.

As a fun little extra, there’s the option to toggle the room doors so they have a permeability of 100, 50 and 0. A permeability of 50 only allows some things through.


It’s a bit similar to Randoms Room as in it’s just a plain room: no CA, no lifts, no doors, no resources. Just a different lay-out.

Anyways, without further ado, have a download!

— Download Testing Room here! —


[Tool] CAev: Cellular Automata Vendor

Download CAev the CA Emitter Vendor!

This agent injects a little dragon, CAev, which can make tiny CA emitters.

Clicking on the emitters increases the strength of the CA they’re emitting. Clicking the little green button disables the emitter altogether.

And if you grow tired of your emitters, or if you accidentally injected a wrong one (We’ve all been there…) you can shift-click on them to delete them.

Any bugs? Please report!



[Tool] Pilla’s Improved Favplaces


Download¬†Pilla’s Improved Favplaces here!

This agents improves the existing DS Favourite Places script. It allows for folding of the favourite places and moves them a bit closer together.

It also allows you to reorder the signposts / favourite place icons in Docking Station.

To unlock the moving, click the little red lock upon injecting. Clicking the up/down arrows then allows you to move the signpost around.

You can either install the agent by putting the .agents file in your /agents folder and injecting it with the agent injector, or you can put the .cos file from the /dev/ folder in your bootstrap directory. Read the readme for further information.

Have any bugs/critiques? Please shoot!